Hello my friends! 


Are you missing live music as much as me? Would you like something to look forward to this November? 

For the last month I’ve been locked away (growing a beard) creating a cinematic and sonically soothing collection of 4 short films. I’m really excited to bring you a 4 week celebration of my 4 albums running through November. 





These films will consist of the stories behind the recording and songwriting processes and 4 solo acoustic performances of songs from the album. 

It is my belief that music and content are more important now than ever before, and it’s been my pleasure to put these short films together for you. It’s my sincere hope that they provide you with comfort and hope in some small way. 

Sign up below to join me for this celebration. Because there is more to living than surviving! 


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Hello friends,

I am delighted to let you know we are at 80% of the Kickstarter target for my new solo record Dreamweaver. With 16 days left I am confident we can make it the rest of the way and work on Dreamweaver can commence. To everyone who has selected a reward and supported this journey so far, THANK YOU. Each and every contribution, large and small will become the sinew and the tissue of this recording and campaign.

It has been my pleasure to connect with so many of you throughout this process. The beautiful thing about being an independent artist is the ability to break down the middle man barrier of the industry and directly interface with the people who appreciate your musical voice and perspective. It has felt very natural and human to offer my services and to speak with you all. On a personal level, managing the campaign of the Kickstarter and pre-production of Dreamweaver has increased my capacity to manage things which come less naturally to me than writing songs. It’s been transformative to let go of stories around what I “can’t do”. A sort of spiritual journey (fucking hell I always make everything so dramatic). But really, this is what I’m thanking you for as well as your parting with your hard-furloughed pennies.

Your support is a wonderful thing and I’m excited to return it musically.

If you haven’t yet checked out what’s on offer in the rewards section of this page, please consider doing so by clicking the K in the top left corner of this video.

Many thanks, Adam x

Hello friends. I’m very pleased to announce the wheels are turning on record number 4. It will be called Dreamweaver and will be filled with honest, soft and melodic offerings. The material will be written by yours truly with the assistance of my new friend Boo Hewerdine. An old friend, Mattie Foulds will produce and engineer at Castlesound studios. All of these factors, combined, lead me to believe this album will be a personal favourite for me, and hopefully you too.

Obviously these are strange, groundless times for all of us. At this exact moment I have a kickstarter campaign active. Whilst I have been fortunate enough to finance my recording up until this point, I was dependent on tours which no longer exist to pay the studio and musicians involved in Dreamweaver. This kickstarter campaign is how we can make this album in this current reality. I have various things I can offer as part of the campaign that include;

Livestream performance***Previously unreleased material***Previews of Dreamweaver***House Concerts***One on One songwriting sessions***Handwritten Lyrics***

If any of these interest you, please consider checking out the kickstarter page and contributing to the journey of this gentle boat on the rocky sea.

Thank you thank you xx