Hello my friends…

Tomorrow night I’ll be performing a livestream concert! With some reflection it occurred to me that I’ve now been on this journey as a songwriter for quite some time (relatively speaking)!

10 years ago I made the decision to leave my job on a building site and pursue a career in music. It was a decision that I would later reflect on as the most significant turning point in my adult life…up until the birth of my daughter (Wee Rosa).

It’s been a journey that has required patience, practice, decisive action, failure and ABOVE ALL…persistence..Now is a time that is of little exception. 

Many of us are afraid to make the decisions that will move us closer to our dreams. I think part of our reason for this is that we get to hold on to our perfectionist fantasies. When we actually take a step TOWARDS our vision…we take a step AWAY from our fantasy and enter what I call the DEFICIT.

The DEFICIT is, to me, the distance between where we are and where we want to be. In honesty, I have spent most of my 10 years so far in that distance. It can be at times a frustrating place to be. Each performance, each new song, each record I attempt to close the distance. Each time I feel the subtle pain of it.

However, it is the only alternative to living in the fantasy. And sweet as the fantasy seems, it provides no lesson, no salvation, no inspiration, no benefit to anyone. Possibility must be exemplified. Otherwise it belongs only to the mind that thinks it. And who are you to deny the world your example?

The DEFICIT…has produced every work that I turn to to fuel my inspiration and guidance..My favourite works are someone else’s DEFICIT. And so I praise and thank all of you who choose to live in that distance. There is no ultimate destination or goal in mind…No glory…No perfection! Simply the hope that in choosing to live in the distance we can create some peace or comfort or example. 

YOU may never close that gap for yourself unfortunately…But never underestimate the impact you can have on others by simply not giving up. 

Come and join me tomorrow, here.

Wishing you a peaceful Sunday, whatever you’re up to.

Adam x