Hello my friends!

Are you missing the excitement of being part of a shared event? 

Come and join me for a solo acoustic concert on Feb 22nd, 2021 @ 8pm from Castlesound Recording Studios in Pencaitland. 

I’ll be performing a variety of songs from my 3 S.A.Y. award nominated albums plus new songs from my latest, unreleased record Dreamweaver. 

I am missing lots of things. I miss taking my daughter round to my mothers house. I miss driving up the A9 beneath the pale grey sky and the mountains to soundcheck in a slowly filling village hall. I miss walking into the Royal Oak and squeezing between familiar bodies towards the bar to order a drink and peer over someones head at Ewan Forfar singing. Standing in the lane next to the bar and smelling Mother India through the thick, warm air vents. 

I miss jumping on a train to Glasgow and spending the day with my sister in the Southside. I miss walking through the cool, crisp meadows on a Sunday evening to the Cask and Barrel. I miss sitting in the Mosque Kitchen eating curry and watching the strange blend of Edinburgh folk walk through St Patricks Square. I miss descending Candlemaker Row to view the castle lit up red, stopping in at Under the Stairs for a whisky soda with my niece. 

I miss pushing my legs between the seats in-front in a half empty screen one at the Cameo in the middle of the afternoon. I miss sitting on the floor in Armstrongs scraping hangers thick with denim along the rails.  I miss rainy afternoon trips to the museum and city restaurant with wee Rosa. I miss the Holiday Inn Bar at Celtic Connections….Filled with the warm glow of familiar faces and fiddles. 

What is a city without these things but a collection of structures?! A ghostly shadow of itself!

I’ve been thinking a lot about looking forward to things…Positive expectation is a key component of good mental health..I think for a lot of us right now it’s a very empty part of us…Another ghostly shadow. The truth is, however, everything that is there to miss is there to look forward to ! In this sense, we can almost begin to enjoy the wanting. To settle into the longing and be present to this part of the process. 

Because, my friends, no mud……no flowers. No sweet connection can exist without the pain of longing. 

I bid you all well, wherever you are, in your longing. And vow until we are through this part of the process to do my best to contribute in my own small way. To create art and fill in the ghostly shadows in the best way I now how. To create events that hopefully you can look forward to with positive expectation. 

And now my watch begins…

It would be my honour to sing for you! 

Adam x