…..10 years ago, I retrained from my job as a labourer on a building site and converted into the much more sensible and stable occupation of song creation. In my 10 years as a professional musician, I have experienced many ups and downs. I can recall drinking whisky with KT Tunstall after a gig in Stornaway and the following night busking on middle meadow walk in the rain to raise funds for a pint of Guinness, the price of admission to sandy bells and more musical delight. I have, since becoming professional, lost a father, 2 close friends, moved house 10 times, become a father, separated from significant relationships and built beautiful new ones…..I have, in all of these encounters and experiences, had music as a dear and close companion. At this point in time she is not there in a tangible way…….

Trad music lives in our bars and our living-rooms. In a wider sense music lives in our venues and clubs. I understand we are in a temporary and necessary process. And I understand that for most 2020 is the year of disappointment. For a million different reasons. I am not suggesting musicians and artists and practitioners are suffering worse than others. AND today I cannot hep but find myself disappointed by the single mindedness of the suffocation of the arts. 

It seems curious that we can manage, in the course of a year of this pandemic to;

have cinema screenings

have pubs open

have restaurants open

open the universities (build NEW social spaces for students)


encourage spending to bolster the economy 

and yet….

no fiddles, no guitars, no singing, no rapping.No songs, no tunes, no notes, no words. Empty concert halls and venues. 

The government referring to musicians as unviable is like breaking a horses leg and then commenting that it isn’t capable of racing. 

My commitment to you is to keep showing up and creating and sharing content. To do my best to create connections in this time of great artistic disconnect.

Join me here if you haven’t already. It would be my honour to sing for you. 

Adam x